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Our goal is to empower as many children as possible, ages 4-9, to recognize, avoid, and report CSM. It is a fact that most children nine years old and younger would not recognize being molested because unfortunately this is not a subject their parents, our culture and church as a whole even address. This reality means our children are at a disadvantage when it comes to being prepared to act appropriately when confronted by a molester and/or experience stimuli to engage in inappropriate sexual activity themselves.

Since the axiom “if they know better, they’ll do better” is a fact, we believe the most logical option to empower children to avoid becoming victims of CSM is simply to educate them. Our Bee Wise Children’s Critical Life Skills Curriculum is created to be the means by which children, age four and up, will indeed be able to 1) recognize, 2) avoid, and 3) report CSM.

In addition, this curriculum will also help to establish healthy “God centered” self worth, enable children to embrace and appreciate their “birth” gender assignment, develop character and responsibility, and a level of confidence and comfortableness when it comes to discussing age appropriate sexual issues with their parents.

After a child has successfully completed the curriculum they should be able to know:

The difference between a “good touch” and a “bad touch”, made by the child and others;

The difference between public body parts and private body parts along with their purpose; (age appropriate)

What to do if someone attempts to or actually touches them inappropriately;

The importance of informing and who to tell if molestation is experienced;

The difference between genders;

How to be wise, be good, be obedient, and be safe,

and most important, they will have an understanding of how valuable they are to a loving God and how special they are.


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